Western Conference finals 2, Leonard to determine the truce. Some people still have hope for the Spurs, after all, the Western Conference semifinal 6, the Spurs also in the case of Leonard truce 39 points victory over the Rockets. The Spurs may be difficult to beat the Warriors, but it will not lose too miserable, it should be a lot of fans in the G2 before the point of view. But the betting company is obviously not optimistic about the Spurs Kendall Graveman Jersey, out of the Warriors to 14 points Handicap, more than G1 enough to get 4 points. So that 14 points, but also the Warriors playoff advantage this year, the second largest Handicap, second only to the first round of G2 to the pioneer of 15.5 points. The first round of the G2, the Warriors to the pioneer 15.5 points, the results victory over 29 points. While the West to the G2, the Warriors to Spurs 14 points Frankie Montas Jersey, the process is also expected as the gaming company, the first section to obtain a huge advantage of 17 points, and then continue to expand the advantage, the final victory over 36 points. Warriors can sweep the Spurs, the key depends on Leonard's injury. At present the major betting companies to the Western Conference finals out of the third war odds, are the Warriors to 6 points Marcus Semien Jersey, which shows that they have 69% chance to win that game. But the Spurs in the absence of Leonard's case can still play Khris Davis Jersey, such as the semi-finals and the Rockets sixth game, they are nearly 40 points advantage victory over the rocket. So the comprehensive calculation, the Warriors won the Western Conference finals of the third and fourth war probability, between 36-48%. In other words, in the final division, the Warriors swept the Spurs probability, less than the Knight swept the Celtics probability.