In fact, in the Western Conference finals Reggie Jackson Jersey, the betting company on the full view of the Warriors Bruce Maxwell Jersey, they out of the Warriors to 10 points Handicap, in the winning plate, the Warriors win odds of 1.15, Spurs win odds are as high as 5.5 The Of course, the process of this game completely beyond the gambling company's expectations. Warriors may be rest for too long reason, up rhythm was the Spurs control. And after the war with the Rockets after the Spurs Chris Bassitt Jersey, the state is good, sub-section was leading 25 points, half lead 20 points. If the Spurs can beat the Warriors, it is a super upset from Handicap. ?The end of the season, it is the Union announced when the major awards Daniel Mengden Jersey. But every time, when the NBA announced awards, there will be controversial, and today there is no exception. Today, the league announced the list of the annual team, the result is a few happy several worry, do not blow the black "NBA circles", let's talk about the best players. Today Leonard came to the Spurs' training center, but he did not attend the training, but the walk did not seem to be limping again. Leonard said that if they feel good, then he will play the third game. "It's getting better, this is a daily watch thing." Leonard said, "If I feel good, then I will play. I want to see if I can run, at least on the pitch I have eight games from our ultimate goal, so this is my current state of mind, just trying to make the injury better.