But the turning point appeared in the three sections before the end of 7 minutes, Leonard was Pachulia pad feet, ankle injury exit. At that time, the Spurs also lead 23 points, but then they were hit by the Warriors climax, the final 2 points lost. A big chill that should have happened, because Leonard's sudden injury was so stifled. According to the US media reports, the West before the G1 race, although the Warriors win odds only 1.15, but there is still a fan spent more than 26 million dollars to buy warriors to win, he really want to thank Pachulia Billy Butler Jersey, not only to avoid the loss of a lot Money, but also a small profit. Before the start of the season, many people may not have expected, Harden can enter the best team, last season, Harden is really black enough miserable. But this season, Harden has a very big change in the social media, the Rockets general manager Congratulations to Harden, "after the last season 29 +8 +6 bad performance, very happy Harden ushered in a rebound Matt Joyce Jersey, To re-prove that he is still the league can be ranked in the top 15 players. In the first game of the East, the Celtics in the first half of the performance is extremely bad Ryon Healy Jersey, the team can not hit many of the vacant shot, in order to increase the energy of some of the field, Stevens once the Green sent, while the latter In just 14 minutes to play efficient, 6 vote 4, three-pointers 5 vote 3 to get 11 points and two rebounds Jharel Cotton Jersey, and as the starting power forward Amir - Johnson played only 5 minutes in the game , No score.